Our Working Layout

Project Initiation

Projects are typically started by the customer with Request for Proposal (RFP). We submit recommendations containing venture scopes, cost gauges, deliverable due dates, terms and conditions and so on.

Project Scoping

Venture perusing begins when customer concurs with the terms and conditions, and gives us the green sign to kick begin the task. We set up the nitty gritty report containing utilitarian, non-practical, and specialized necessities of the venture. We set up the whole venture in our task administration device , permitting our group advancement group to store all documents and discussion strings identified with the undertaking there. We include the venture breakthroughs and errand trackers in the instrument so that our customers can track application improvement progress whenever.


We add to a skeletal structure and make an interpretation of the task scope into a client interface design. The motivation behind this is to orchestrate formats, interface components, and navigational frameworks to delineate how well they cooperate.

Technical Designing

Once the wireframe is affirmed by the customer, we begin styling the application or site. It helps us in making the different parts that will wind up as every screen of the application, furthermore to decide key style like typography and shading. UI/UX outlines of the application or site are finished before the end of this stride. It ordinarily includes planning different counterfeit ups and portrays for customer's audit and endorsement.

Graphics Designing

The specialized configuration drives us to the graphical plans where we build up all the required representation starting with no outside help, guaranteeing that the illustrations of customer's application or site emerge and are sufficiently innovative to get the consideration of their clients, clients and guests.


On your configuration endorsement, our engineers begin composing otherworldly code taking after our own coding traditions and customer's particular code prerequisites. We keep our coding as basic as could be expected under the circumstances to guarantee the versatility and quality execution of the application or site.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

After the consummation of the coding process inside of the guaranteed time, the following step is customer endorsement of the completed item. This includes either straightforwardly sharing the .apk document with the customer, or transferring it on outsider testing sites like TestFlight, whichever is best suitable and possible for the customer.

Product Launch

The minute when our customer gives us a green sign to distribute their application on the application stores for open review and utilization is one of joy, pride and inevitable peace for any designer. Subsequent to propelling the application, we furnish the customer with 30-day time of free bolster, finishing with the exchange of responsibility for source code to them with minor extra charges connected.

Product Support

We put stock in our work and cheerfully sign the Annual Maintenance Contract AMC without customers, guaranteeing that we are dependably there to offer them in the greater part of their future improvement some assistance with needing.

100% Client Satisfaction

Our procedure for conveyance of work depends on the model of Agile Scrum. We have effectively utilized this over a time of the most recent 5 years to convey deal with settled expenses, and Time and Material (T&M) premise for far reaching nature of seaward tasks.