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6 Notable Audience Ads Enhancements by Microsoft Advertising

6 Notable Audience Ads Enhancements by Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising has recently unveiled a set of updates aimed at assisting advertisers in optimizing ad campaign budgets, expanding their reach to new audiences, and diversifying advertising options across specific industry verticals. Let’s delve into these six Audience Ads updates:

1. Automating Real-Time Bids for Conversions or Budget

Microsoft is simplifying the bidding process with the introduction of Maximize Conversions and Target CPA. These features empower Microsoft to automatically fine-tune real-time bids, either for achieving the highest number of conversions or to maintain an average target CPA over a 30-day period.

2. Expanded Availability of Audience Ads

In an effort to extend its reach, Microsoft has expanded the availability of Audience Ads to 58 new markets in August, now encompassing a total of 187 global markets.

3. Predictive Targeting with Audience Intelligence

Microsoft’s latest addition, Predictive Targeting for Audience Ads, harnesses the power of Microsoft’s audience intelligence to identify and target audiences that are more likely to convert but may have been overlooked by brands.

4. Placement Across Microsoft Casual Games on Windows Computers

Microsoft is introducing multiple new ad placements for Audience Ads, beginning with interfaces within Windows computer games. By 2024, these placements are expected to be accessible across all Microsoft Casual Games.

5. Ads for Microsoft 365 App Users

In this month’s update, Microsoft is rolling out fresh Audience Ad placements within the free Microsoft 365 app, catering to consumers in the US. European markets can anticipate this feature arriving for Android users in January 2024.

6. Video and CTV Ads

Announced at DMEXCO, Microsoft Advertising is launching Video and Connected TV (CTV) Ads, offering brands a direct avenue to engage high-value audiences at scale via online video and CTV partners.

Microsoft Advertising Updates for Verticals and Professional Services

To broaden its horizons, Microsoft is rebranding its Hotel Campaigns as Lodging Campaigns to encompass various accommodations beyond traditional hotels. Additionally, Microsoft is introducing more vertical-specific advertisements across its search partner network, encompassing Credit Card and Property Promotion ads. In a pioneering move, Microsoft is introducing Property Promotion Ads tailored for Vacation Rentals, targeting vacation rental customers.

Microsoft is also planning to introduce additional professional services ads, including those related to the Automotive and Tours and Activities sectors.

Microsoft’s blog post wraps up by encouraging advertisers to explore the Performance Max open beta, offering predictive solutions and automated workflows. These comprehensive updates underscore Microsoft’s unwavering commitment to equipping brands and advertisers with potent tools to connect with the right audiences and optimize conversion rates.



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