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Anticipated Arrival: Apple’s Next-Gen Watch Ultra Delayed until 2027

"Waiting Game: Apple's MicroLED-Powered Watch Ultra Postponed until 2027"

The anticipation surrounding Apple’s forthcoming Watch Ultra featuring microLED technology continues to be met with cautious expectations. According to the latest analysis by The Elec, it appears that consumers will need to wait until at least 2027 for the unveiling of Apple’s premium smartwatch boasting the advanced microLED display.

Insights from the supply chain indicate that Apple is facing challenges in procuring a sufficient quantity of microLED displays at a feasible cost, thus pushing back the release timeline. While the current assembly cost for the Watch Ultra’s display stands at $40, the projected expense for incorporating microLED screens is estimated to soar to approximately $150.

This substantial increase poses a significant financial hurdle for Apple, particularly considering its commitment to maintaining a competitive pricing strategy while ensuring a reasonable profit margin.

According to the report, the prospective launch of the Apple Watch Ultra equipped with microLED technology may be deferred until 2027 or beyond. This delay is attributed to the necessity for manufacturers to streamline production processes and reduce costs to a level acceptable to Apple.



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