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Apple to Fix iPhone 12 Radiation Issue in France with iOS 17.1 Update

In recent headlines, Apple faced scrutiny in France due to concerns about the electromagnetic emissions from the iPhone 12. The French National Agency for Frequencies (ANFR) raised alarm bells, asserting that the radiation emitted by smartphones, like the iPhone 12, might have adverse health effects on users. As a response to these concerns, the authorities demanded a fix from Apple. The tech giant has since provided insights into the iPhone 12 radiation issue and introduced a solution in the form of the iOS 17.1 update.

Understanding the iPhone 12 Radiation Issue

The iPhone 12 generated significant controversy in France primarily because its electromagnetic radiation levels did not align with European standards. This discrepancy led to the banning of the device in September, causing a halt in its sales by French authorities. To address this issue, Apple released a software update designed to mitigate the radiation problem.

Apple’s Explanation

Apple, in a statement on its support page, shed light on the situation. They revealed that iPhones have featured an “off-body detection” mechanism for over a decade. This feature allows for a slightly higher transmit power when the phone is set on a surface like a table. This feature was implemented to comply with Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) requirements. Importantly, the increased power was not relevant for SAR compliance, as the phone was not in direct contact with the user’s body.

The French Dilemma

The problem stemmed from the testing protocol used by the ANFR. Their methodology did not account for this “off-body detection” mechanism. As a result, it did not allow for the slight increase in power when it was appropriate. To address this discrepancy and align with France’s stringent standards, Apple released a software update. This update effectively turns off the “off-body detection” feature, ensuring compliance with French regulations.

The iOS 17.1 Update

The solution to the iPhone 12 radiation issue in France comes in the form of the iOS 17.1 update. This update introduces a reduction in power when the device is off-body and placed on a static surface. Additionally, the update removes the iPhone 12’s ability to increase its transmit power when it detects that it is not being held in the hand. This adjustment might lead to slightly lower cellular performance in some cases, although the majority of users are unlikely to notice any significant difference.


What caused the iPhone 12 radiation issue in France? The iPhone 12’s radiation issue in France resulted from its electromagnetic emissions not meeting European standards, leading to its banning and halted sales.

What is “off-body detection,” and why was it relevant to the issue? “Off-body detection” is a feature that allows iPhones to increase transmit power slightly when placed on a surface like a table. This mechanism was introduced to comply with SAR requirements, but the French testing protocol did not account for it.

How did Apple address the issue raised by the French authorities? Apple released the iOS 17.1 update, which turns off the “off-body detection” feature to meet France’s stricter standards for electronic device emissions.

What does the iOS 17.1 update change in the iPhone 12’s performance? The update reduces the device’s power when it is off-body and on a static surface. It also removes the ability for the iPhone 12 to increase transmit power when not held in the hand, potentially resulting in slightly lower cellular performance in some cases.

Will most iPhone 12 users notice a difference in performance after the iOS 17.1 update? Most users are unlikely to notice any significant difference in their device’s performance after the update.

Is the iPhone 12 radiation issue specific to France, or does it affect other regions as well? The issue primarily concerned France due to its stringent standards. Apple’s response, the iOS 17.1 update, was aimed at addressing the problem in France.


Apple’s response to the iPhone 12 radiation issue in France demonstrates the company’s commitment to user safety and regulatory compliance. The introduction of the iOS 17.1 update ensures that the iPhone 12 meets France’s strict standards, even though it may result in minor changes in device performance. With this solution, users can continue to enjoy their iPhones without concerns about radiation levels.



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