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Apple Working on Resolving Overheating Issues in iPhone 15 Models

SAN FRANCISCO — Apple has acknowledged that it is actively working to resolve a “bug” that has been identified as one of the causes behind overheating issues reported by some users of the recently released iPhone 15 models.

The tech giant plans to address this problem through an update to its iOS 17 mobile operating software and is also collaborating with the developers of certain apps that have contributed to the overheating problem, as stated by Apple.

In response to an inquiry from AFP, Apple stated, “We have identified a few conditions which can cause the iPhone to run warmer than expected.”

Apple also clarified that some newly purchased iPhone 15 units may experience a temporary increase in temperature during the initial setup period due to elevated background activity.

Furthermore, Apple admitted to discovering a bug in iOS 17 that has affected some users and assured that it would be rectified in an upcoming software update.

Another aspect of the issue pertains to recent updates to third-party apps, which have been causing excessive system load and contributing to the heating problem. Notable apps reported to be causing this issue include Instagram, Uber, and the car racing game Asphalt 9, according to various online posts.

To address user concerns, Apple’s support page explained that it is normal for iPhones to generate heat during the initial setup process or when running graphics-intensive applications like games. The support page reassured users that these conditions are temporary, and the device will return to its normal temperature once the setup or the intensive activity is completed.

Apple unveiled the iPhone 15 models on September 22, featuring universal charger ports following a dispute with the European Union, replacing their Lightning charger ports.

This release comes as Apple grapples with declining iPhone sales, with higher prices causing customers to postpone upgrading to newer models. In addition to continual improvements in iPhone cameras and processors, Apple highlighted that the iPhone 15 lineup, consisting of four variants, incorporates internal components designed to simplify repairs and a new frame that facilitates easy replacement of the back glass.



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