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Apple’s Next-Gen Headset Set to Expand to Chinese Market in Spring

Indications suggest that the Apple Vision Pro, currently exclusive to the US market, is poised to venture into new territories. China, in particular, seems to be on the horizon for its imminent release, as per a recent report from local media sources.

Anticipated to debut in China either in April or May, the timeline is subject to speculation based on insights from undisclosed “supply chain sources.” While the information should be approached with caution, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, hinted at the imminent Chinese launch during the headset’s unveiling in New York earlier this month.

Interestingly, in the Chinese market, there may be a rebranding strategy due to an existing trademark dispute over the “Vision Pro” name. Reports suggest that Apple might opt to utilize the “Reality” branding instead. This move stems from Huawei’s application for the “Vision Pro” trademark in China in May 2019, which granted them exclusive rights until 2031.

According to the same sources, the headset’s official certification for sale in China is nearing completion, with details expected to be publicly accessible once the process concludes. Notably, insights into the device’s bill of materials estimate it to be approximately $1,700, roughly half of its anticipated retail price.

However, amidst the anticipation, challenges regarding availability loom, particularly concerning the initial batch of units slated for sale in China. It remains to be seen whether subsequent batches will address this constraint.



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