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Canalys Report: Top 5 Smartphone Vendors in North America for Q2 2023

Canalys Report: Top 5 Smartphone Vendors in North America for Q2 2023

The smartphone industry is a dynamic landscape, and staying informed about the latest trends and market leaders is crucial for tech enthusiasts and investors alike. In a recent report by Canalys, a renowned research organization, an insightful analysis of the North American smartphone market for the second quarter (Q2) of 2023 has been unveiled. This article will delve into the key findings of the report, highlighting the top 5 smartphone vendors that dominated the North American mobile phone market during this period.

Apple’s Dominance with 54 Percent Market Share

In Q2 2023, Apple emerged as the undisputed leader in the North American smartphone market, holding a commanding 54 percent market share. This remarkable achievement was primarily driven by the shipment of 14.8 million iPhones between April and June 2023.

However, it’s essential to note that Apple’s total iPhone shipments in Q2 2023 decreased by 20 percent compared to the same period last year (YoY). In Q2 2022, Apple shipped 18.5 million iPhones and had a 52 percent market share. This decline can be attributed to various factors, including market saturation and consumers holding onto their devices for longer periods.

5 besar vendor smartphone di Amerika Utara Shipment Q2 2023 Market share Q2 2023 Shipment Q2 2022 Market share Q2 2022 Pertumbuhan YoY
Apple 14,8 juta unit 54 persen 18,5 juta unit 52 persen -20 persen
Samsung 6,6 juta unit 24 persen 9 juta unit 26 persen -27 persen
Motorola 2,3 juta unit 8 persen 3,1 juta unit 9 persen -25 persen
TCL 1,3 juta unit 5 persen 1,8 juta unit 5 persen -30 persen
Google 1,2 juta unit 4 persen 800.000 unit 2 persen 59 persen
Lainnya 1,2 juta unit 5 persen 2,2 juta unit 6 persen -43 persen
Total 27,4 juta unit 100 persen 35,4 juta unit 100 persen -22 persen

Sumber: Canalys

Samsung’s Strong Foothold in Second Place

Securing the second position in the North American smartphone market for Q2 2023 was Samsung, the South Korean tech giant. Samsung accounted for 24 percent of the market share, almost half of Apple’s share.

During this quarter, Samsung shipped 6.6 million Galaxy phones, making it the most popular Android phone vendor in North America. However, similar to Apple, Samsung experienced a decline in its shipment numbers, with a 27 percent YoY decrease. In Q2 2022, Samsung shipped 9 million phones and held a 26 percent market share.

The Rest of the Top 5

Beyond Apple and Samsung, the North American smartphone market featured several other noteworthy players in Q2 2023. Motorola secured the third position with 2.3 million units shipped, followed by TCL with 1.3 million units and Google with 1.2 million units.

What sets Google apart is its double-digit positive growth, particularly impressive at 59 percent. This surge in growth can be attributed to the increased shipment of Pixel phones, which grew from 800,000 units in Q2 2022 to 1.2 million units in Q2 2023.

A Decrease in Overall Shipments

While these top players battled for market share, it’s worth highlighting that the overall number of mobile phone shipments to North America decreased significantly in Q2 2023. A total of 27.4 million mobile phones were shipped during this period, marking a 22 percent decrease compared to the same period the previous year when shipments reached 35.4 million.

According to Canalys, this decline in shipment figures represents the lowest in the past decade in North America. It’s indicative of various factors, including market maturity, economic challenges, and changes in consumer behavior.


In conclusion, Canalys’ report for Q2 2023 paints a dynamic picture of the North American smartphone market. Apple continues to lead the pack, but its market share has faced some YoY erosion. Samsung maintains a strong presence among Android devices, while Google’s Pixel phones show impressive growth. With overall shipments at a 10-year low, the market appears to be undergoing significant changes.

For those interested in the smartphone industry, staying updated on these trends is crucial. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or an investor, understanding the market dynamics is vital for making informed decisions.


  1. Why did Apple’s iPhone shipments decrease in Q2 2023? Apple’s decline in iPhone shipments can be attributed to various factors, including market saturation and consumers holding onto their devices for longer periods.
  2. What contributed to Google’s significant growth in the North American market? Google’s growth was fueled by an increased shipment of Pixel phones, which gained popularity and saw a 59 percent growth in Q2 2023.
  3. Are there any implications of the overall decrease in mobile phone shipments for consumers? The decrease in shipments may impact consumers through potentially reduced options and increased prices as companies adjust to changing market dynamics.
  4. How can investors leverage the insights from this report? Investors can use the report’s findings to make informed decisions about their investments in smartphone-related companies, taking into account market leaders and trends.
  5. What does market maturity mean for the smartphone industry? Market maturity implies that the smartphone market has reached a certain level of saturation, where most consumers already own a smartphone, making it challenging for vendors to attract new customers.



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