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Exploring Singapore? Consider Singtel’s New 5G eSIM Plans for Tourists

Exploring Singapore? Consider Singtel’s New 5G eSIM Plans for Tourists

If you’re planning a trip to Singapore for a vacation or work, you should take a look at the latest eSIM plans offered by Singtel, one of Singapore’s prominent telecommunications providers.

Singtel 5G tourist eSIM plans for mobile data in Singapore
S$12 plan S$30 plan S$50 plan
Local data 4G, 100GB 5G, 100GB 5G, 120GB
Local calls 500 minutes Unlimited Unlimited
Local SMSes 100 Unlimited Unlimited
Social networking Free access to Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE
International calls 30 minutes 90 minutes 90 minutes
International data roaming 3GB (Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand) 5GB (Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand) 10GB (Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand)
Validity 14 Days 28 Days 28 Days

Singtel’s 5G eSIM mobile data plans for tourists and visitors in Singapore were introduced on September 11, 2023. These plans are fully digital and come with 5G connectivity, with pricing options at S$12 (approximately US$8), S$30 (approximately US$22), and S$50 (approximately US$37).

Here are some notable features of these tourist plans:

  • Local call minutes and local SMSes are included.
  • International calls are available.
  • Extra data roaming is provided for neighboring countries.
  • You can still receive essential alerts and text messages on your mobile phone.
  • Local services requiring calls and SMS for bookings and reservations are supported.
  • These plans are convenient if you plan to visit nearby Southeast Asian countries without needing another tourist plan.

Below are more details about Singtel’s 5G Tourist eSIM plans. Note that the S$12 plan offers 4G network coverage, which can be a cost-effective choice if you don’t have a 5G-enabled smartphone.

To obtain a Singtel Tourist eSIM, you can visit Singtel’s official website [insert website link]. The entire process, from ordering the eSIM to installing it on your mobile phone before your arrival, can be completed online.

As a special introductory offer, customers who purchase these new eSIMs from Singtel will receive a complimentary S$5 KKday voucher.

“We continue to see healthy demand for our Tourists SIMs. With the Grand Prix roaring into the Lion City this week, we’ve further enhanced our offerings to give inbound travellers even more convenience and value during their stay in Singapore and our neighbouring countries, with our hassle-free, fully digital 5G Tourist eSIM offerings. Beyond connectivity, we’re also enhancing the travel experience for tourists so that they can enjoy other digital experiences from making video calls, augmented or virtual reality experiences and more with 5G – bringing greater fun to the holidays,”

Is Singtel’s 5G Network Suitable for Tourists?

Regardless of your choice of telecommunications provider, you can expect reliable mobile connectivity when visiting highly urbanized areas in Singapore. Some locations may have varying network speeds due to factors such as population density and the time of day.

Certain tourist hotspots may experience poor network coverage inside shops or eateries, often due to obstacles like walls, or if they are situated below ground level. On the other hand, Singapore’s underground public transportation is well-connected, providing both efficient transportation and mobile data connectivity. This applies to all telecommunications operators in Singapore.

According to Opensignal, an independent mobile network analytics firm, Singapore ranks among the world’s top locations for 5G Network Coverage Experience, alongside countries like South Korea and the USA. Singtel, in particular, has achieved 95% 5G network coverage throughout the city-state, exceeding its initial 2025 regulatory target by three years.

Singtel is one of the leading mobile network operators in Singapore, competing with rivals like StarHub and M1, all of which offer mobile data plans tailored for tourists.



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