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Meet Iso, Valorant’s Newest Duelist Agent

Riot Games, the developer behind the popular competitive FPS title Valorant, has officially unveiled its latest agent, Iso. Following some early leaks and a stylish reveal trailer, Iso is set to shake up the game with a fresh take on duelist gameplay. Here’s what you need to know about Iso before you dive into the action-packed Valorant arena.

The Allure of Valorant

In the realm of competitive first-person shooters, Valorant continues to stand out, offering an addictive gaming experience that has earned it a spot among the best FPS games. The game’s unique appeal is largely thanks to its diverse cast of agents, each bringing their own strengths and tactics to the battlefield. With the introduction of Iso, the playing field is about to evolve once again, following the recent leaks surrounding Valorant Act 7 Episode 3 and its new Duelist agent.

Unveiling Iso

The recent agent reveal trailer adds an air of mystery to Iso’s character, building anticipation as they make their appearance towards the end of the video. What’s clear is that Iso is a formidable hitman-for-hire, a truly elusive adversary. While you can’t witness Iso’s abilities in actual gameplay just yet, a gameplay trailer is set to release on Friday, October 20, 2023. However, we do have insights into Iso’s abilities:

  1. Double Tap: Iso activates a focus timer, enabling the collection of energy orbs from fallen enemies. Iso also gains a temporary shield that absorbs damage from any source.
  2. Undercut: This ability allows Iso to toss a molecular bolt that can penetrate walls, exposing enemies hiding behind cover. Enemies who come in contact with the bolt become vulnerable.
  3. Contingency: Iso can create a prismatic energy barrier that acts as an impenetrable wall, blocking incoming bullets.
  4. Kill Contract: Iso has the power to throw energy and teleport both themselves and the first enemy hit into a 1v1 arena. The winner survives, while the loser meets their fate.

As you climb the ranks in Valorant, whether you choose Iso as your agent or stick with favorites like Jett or Phoenix, fine-tuning your crosshair settings is essential for gaining an edge over your opponents. Beyond gameplay, character customization is a significant aspect of the Valorant experience, making it all the more enjoyable. To keep you updated, we’ve compiled a guide to currently available Valorant skins for your perusal. Additionally, keep an eye on the Valorant Night Market for opportunities to snag some of the game’s most coveted cosmetics at a more affordable price.


Iso’s arrival in Valorant is sure to bring a fresh dynamic to the game’s competitive scene, promising exciting gameplay and a new twist on duelist strategies. Stay tuned for the upcoming gameplay trailer to see Iso in action, and in the meantime, fine-tune your settings and load up on stylish skins to make your Valorant experience even more thrilling.


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