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Muse Wearables’ Ring One: Smart Ring with Blood Pressure Sensor and NFC Now Available for Crowdfunding

Muse Wearables has launched its highly anticipated Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for the Ring One, a cutting-edge smart ring packed with innovative features. This revolutionary wearable boasts blood pressure monitoring, a skin temperature sensor, and convenient contactless payments via NFC.

The Ring One is now available for crowdfunding on Indiegogo, and it’s already gaining significant traction. In just a short period, the campaign has garnered over US$455,000 in funding from a dedicated community of more than 2,500 backers, far surpassing its initial funding goal of US$20,000. Early adopters can take advantage of the “Early Backer Special” pledge, securing the Ring One for an attractive price of US$172, which represents a generous 42% discount off the expected retail price of US$298.

For those looking to elevate their wearable experience, Muse Wearables offers an exquisite 18K Gold special edition of the Ring One, available at US$599 through the Indiegogo campaign. This special edition is anticipated to retail for US$799, making it an attractive proposition with early backers enjoying a significant US$200 discount, equivalent to 25%. Muse Wearables is committed to providing global delivery, with an estimated shipping date set for December 2023. Every purchase includes a smart charging case, a one-year warranty, a lifetime complimentary subscription to the Muse app, and a convenient sizing kit.

The Ring One is an exceptional health-tracking wearable equipped with a comprehensive suite of sensors. These sensors enable users to monitor essential health metrics, including blood pressure, skin temperature, heart rate, and SpO2 levels. Additionally, the smart ring offers contactless payment functionality and serves as an NFC-based digital key 2.0 for your vehicle. Notably, a unique turn-wheel interface is positioned at the center of the ring, offering versatile functionality such as seamless transitions between workout modes and enhanced security during payment transactions. Muse Wearables emphasizes that the Ring One boasts an impressive battery life of up to seven days and is remarkably lightweight, weighing just a fraction of the average smartwatch.

The Indiegogo campaign for the Muse Wearables Ring One is set to conclude on November 2nd, providing a limited window of opportunity for tech enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals to secure this groundbreaking smart ring.



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