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Simplifying Transactions: iOS 17.4 Beta Introduces Virtual Card Numbers for Apple Cash

Discover how iOS 17.4 beta revolutionizes Apple Cash transactions with virtual card numbers, enhancing convenience and accessibility within the iOS ecosystem.

The latest iOS 17.4 beta brings forth a user-friendly feature, allowing individuals to generate virtual card numbers specifically for Apple Cash transactions. According to a report by 9to5Mac, iPhone users now have the capability to generate these virtual card numbers within the latest beta version.

This update addresses a notable limitation of Apple Cash, empowering users to conduct transactions even in scenarios where Apple Pay isn’t accessible.

While the availability of this feature may vary among beta participants, accessing it proves to be a simple process. Users can easily navigate to the Wallet app, select their Apple Cash card, and then follow intuitive prompts to set up a virtual card number in just two steps.

Upon generation, users gain access to crucial card information, including an expiration date and security code, accessible by tapping the three dots menu. It’s noteworthy that Apple Cash employs a distinct card number for Apple Pay transactions, which can be accessed through an additional menu option.

This enhancement greatly benefits frequent Apple Cash users by offering a seamless payment solution in places where Apple Pay isn’t supported. Rather than relying solely on bank transfers, users can now utilize their Apple Cash card number for transactions, potentially saving on fees associated with instant transfers.

In conclusion, the addition of virtual card numbers significantly amplifies the functionality and accessibility of Apple Cash within the iOS ecosystem.



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