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Unveiling Apple Vision Pro: Insights into micro OLED Displays and Battery

Delving Deeper into Apple's Vision Pro: Micro OLED Screens and Battery Insights Unveiled

In the latest installment of iFixit’s teardown series on the Apple Vision Pro, a closer examination uncovers fascinating details about the device’s micro OLED displays and battery.

Contrary to Apple’s marketing claims of “more than a 4K TV for each eye,” the resolution of the micro OLED screens falls slightly short of 4K standards. However, with an impressive pixel density of 3,380 pixels per inch (PPI), the Vision Pro delivers a remarkably sharp visual experience.

While pixel per degree (PPD) is a crucial metric for VR headsets, the Vision Pro boasts a noteworthy 34 PPD, offering users a more detailed viewing experience compared to competitors like the Meta Quest 3.

The teardown also sheds light on the Vision Pro’s battery, constructed from a single sheet of aluminum and housing three iPhone-sized batteries, providing a total power capacity exceeding the official rating provided by Apple.

Interestingly, Apple has departed from its usual practice of parts pairing, allowing for greater interchangeability of components within the Vision Pro. Despite this, the device still presents significant challenges in terms of repairability, earning a modest 4/10 score from iFixit.

In addition to hardware insights, the Vision Pro has received its first software update, introducing enhancements to the Personas avatars through visionOS 1.1 Beta. Users can now download the update, which requires facial rescanning to create more realistic avatars.

Discover the inner workings of Apple’s Vision Pro and stay informed about the latest advancements in spatial computing technology.



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