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Unveiling OnePlus’ Strategy: The Logic Behind Limiting Android Updates

In a world where Google and Samsung promise up to seven years of software updates for their flagship devices, OnePlus takes a different stance. Rather than committing to a lengthy support period, OnePlus opts for four major Android updates and five years of security patches for its top-tier smartphones.

In a recent interview, OnePlus COO Kinder Liu shed light on the company’s decision-making process. Liu analogized the smartphone user experience to a sandwich, emphasizing that while some manufacturers promise long-lasting “filling” (software updates), the overall experience (“bread”) may degrade over time.

OnePlus prioritizes maintaining a “fast and smooth” user experience, even after years of use, through rigorous stress testing.

Counterpoint Research suggests that most Android users upgrade their devices within four years, influencing OnePlus’ update policy. The company believes that extending support beyond this timeframe could be financially impractical, considering the typical user behavior and potential degradation of user experience over time.

In essence, OnePlus argues that focusing solely on extending software support overlooks the importance of user experience and may not align with user behavior and technological advancements. While other manufacturers may promise longer update periods, OnePlus remains committed to delivering a seamless user experience throughout the device’s lifecycle.



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