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Unveiling the Samsung Galaxy Fit3: Spotted in Store with Pricing Details

After a hiatus of three years, Samsung has reignited interest in its Galaxy Fit series with the anticipated release of the Galaxy Fit3. Recent leaks have provided extensive details, culminating in the sighting of retail boxes in a store in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Available in black and silver variants, with a potential pink gold option hinted at, the Galaxy Fit3 has garnered attention not only for its design but also for its pricing.

Reportedly priced at TZS 250,000, equivalent to approximately $100/€90/£80/₹8,000, the Galaxy Fit3 positions itself as a competitive option in the wearable technology market. This marks a notable increase from its predecessor, the Fit2, which debuted at $60/₹4,000.

In addition to the Galaxy Fit3, Samsung enthusiasts can anticipate the arrival of the Galaxy Ring, another health tracking device. However, with its release expected later this year or possibly early next year, the Fit3 emerges as a compelling choice for those seeking a blend of functionality and affordability.

While an official announcement from Samsung regarding the Galaxy Fit3’s release date is pending, the presence of units in stores suggests an imminent launch. Stay tuned for updates on this eagerly awaited addition to Samsung’s wearable lineup.



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