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Windows 12 on the Horizon: What to Expect in 2024


As the tech world eagerly awaits the full release of Windows 11 23H2, the latest feature update for the Windows 11 operating system, there have been persistent rumors circulating about a major update that may or may not bear the name “Windows 12.” While Microsoft has not officially confirmed this development, recent statements from an Intel executive have added fuel to the speculation. In this article, we explore the possibility of a Windows 12 release in 2024 and what it might entail.

Intel’s Insights

The intriguing notion of a “Windows 12” update gained prominence through comments made by Intel’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO), David Zinsner. During an interview at the Citi 2023 Global Technology Conference, Zinsner expressed optimism about Intel’s sales prospects in 2024, attributing part of this optimism to Microsoft’s plans. He stated:

“We actually think ’24 is going to be a pretty good year for the client, in particular, because of the Windows refresh. And we still think that the installed base is pretty old and does require a refresh, and we think next year may be the start of that, given the Windows catalyst. So we’re optimistic about how things will play out beginning in ’24.”

Zinsner’s mention of a “Windows refresh” strongly suggests a significant overhaul of Microsoft’s operating system rather than a routine feature update for Windows 11. While Microsoft has not made any official announcements regarding a new version, Windows Central, citing undisclosed sources, reports that development of the next Windows has recently accelerated. The update is reportedly in full development and is expected to be finalized in mid-2024.

What to Expect from Windows 12

If Windows 12 indeed materializes in 2024, users can anticipate several key developments and improvements. While the specifics remain undisclosed, early insights suggest the following possibilities:

  1. User Interface Enhancements: Windows 12 may introduce refinements to the user interface, building upon the design language of Windows 11. This could include enhanced customization options and an even more intuitive user experience.
  2. Performance Improvements: With each iteration, Microsoft aims to optimize system performance, making Windows 12 potentially faster and more efficient than its predecessors.
  3. New Features: Expect Windows 12 to introduce novel features and capabilities, catering to evolving user needs and technological advancements.
  4. Security Enhancements: Microsoft places a strong emphasis on security, and Windows 12 is likely to include enhanced security features and safeguards.
  5. Compatibility: As with any major update, compatibility with a wide range of hardware and software will be a priority to ensure a smooth transition for users.


While the existence of “Windows 12” remains unofficial and speculative, the statements from an Intel executive and reports from industry sources suggest that Microsoft is indeed gearing up for a significant Windows update in 2024. The tech community eagerly awaits further details and official announcements from Microsoft regarding this potential development. Regardless of the name, Windows users can look forward to continued innovation and improvements in their operating system.



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